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05 Mar 2015 19:09:55
49ers get Brandon Marshall

Bears get a third round pick

This may not seem like much for Marshall, but consider that the Bears acquired Marshall for two third round picks back in 2012. He's older now and has a large contract; two factors that diminishes his trade value a bit. Marshall still is a very talented receiver though and this trade would make Kaepernick a very happy QB.




04 Mar 2015 16:49:57
Trade accepted according to Espn's Adam shefter:

Bills receive: LeSean McCoy
Eagles receive: kiko Alonso


Eagles have released Trent Cole Cary Williams and Brandon Graham, reports also think demarco Ryan's vm could also bereleased

According to reports, Eagles now have over 50 million in cap space




04 Mar 2015 04:05:35
On draft day, if Mariota falls to the Jets at 6, the Eagles will make a move.

Jets get Nick Foles, 20th overall pick, 2016 first round pick

Eagles get 6th overall pick (Marcus Mariota)

If you think this is too much for the Eagles to trade, keep in mind the package the Rams got for RG3. Also consider that there were rumors prior to the Shady McCoy deal that Philly would send McCoy, Foles, and three first rounders to Tampa for the first pick to guarantee they land Mariota. This is a much better deal for the Eagles.




03 Mar 2015 01:28:00
Eagles get browns 12th and 19th 1st round picks and crowell

Browns get foles and shady

liam oneill


Never mind

liam oneill




01 Mar 2015 02:50:06
NFL draft
1. Buccaneers Jameis Winston QB
Jets trade pick 6, 2016 first and second round picks for pick 2
2. Jets Marcus Mariota QB
3. Jaguars Leonard Williams DE
4. Raiders Amari Cooper WR
5. Redskins Randy Gregory OLB/DE
6. Titans Shane Ray DE
7. Bears Landon Collins SS
8. Falcons Danny Shelton NT
9. Giants Brandon Scherff OG
10. Rams la'el Collins OT
Browns trade picks 12, 43, and 2016 second round pick
11. Browns Kevin White WR
12. Vikings Andrus Peat OT
13. Saints T.J. Clemmings OT
14. Dolphins DeVante Parker WR
Eagles trade pick 20, 2016 first and second round picks
15. Eagles Trae Wayans CB
16. Texans Dante Fowler Jr. OLB
17. Chargers Vic Beasley OLB
18. Chiefs Dorial Green-beckham WR
19. Browns Malcom Brown DT
20. 49ers Jalen Collins CB
21. Bengals Ereck Flowers OT
22. Steelers Benardrick McKinney ILB
23. Lions Eddie Goldman DT
24. Cardinals Bud Dupree OLB
25. Panthers Philip Dorsett WR
26. Ravens Eli Harold OLB
27. Cowboys Melvin Gordon RB
28. Broncos Jordan Phillips NT
29. Colts Marcus Peters CB
30. Packers Arik Armstead DT
31. Seahawks Todd Gurley
32. Patriots Jalen Strong WR


Mariota will fall to atleast 2nd anyways




28 Feb 2015 21:30:13
3 team trade

Jet, bears, eagles

Jets get McCoy, cutler and #7 pick

Bears get foles, eagles 1rst&2nd picks in 2015

Eagles get Marriotta, Chris Johnson and jets 6th round pick




27 Feb 2015 00:43:51
Mock draft
1. TB Jameis Winston QB
2. TEN Dante Fowler Jr. OLB
3. JAX Leonard Williams DE
Trade Cle trades #12 #19 and 2016 2nd round pick
4. CLE Amari Cooper WR
5. WAS Randy Gregory OLB
6. NYJ Marcus Mariota QB
7. CHI Vic Beasley OLB
8. ATL Danny Shelton NT
9. NYG La'el Collins OT
Trade KC trades #18 2015 second round pick 2016 2nd round pick
10. KC Kevin White WR
11. MIN Devante Parker WR
12. OAK Malcom Brown DT
13. NO Brandon Scherff OG
14. MIA Jaelen Strong WR
15. SF Andrus Peat OT
16. HOU Byron Jones CB
17. SD Melvin Gordon RB
18. STL Dorial Green-Beckham WR
19. OAK Landon Collins SS
20. PHI Jalen Collins CB
21. CIN Arik Armstead DT
22. PIT Bud Dupree OLB
23. DET Eddie Goldman DT
24. ARI Todd Gurley RB
25. CAR Ereck Flowers OT
26. BAL Eli Harold OLB
27. DAL Bryce Petty QB
28. DEN Carl Davis DT
29. IND D.j. Humphries OT
30. GB T.J. Clemmings OT
31. SEA Devin Smith WR
32. Denzel Perryman ILB


Eagles pass. They r going to get either mariota, landon, kendricks, or mckinney.

liam oneill


This mock draft is a joke. You don't have Trae Waynes going in the 1st round he's the best CB in this draft




24 Feb 2015 23:28:37
what my eagles should do but r too stupid to even think about what is best for the team.

trade foles and 4th round pick this year and next years 3rd round pick for matt ryan. Trade shady to browns for their 12th and 19th picks this year. Draft landon collins, vic beasley, and benardrick mckinney in the 1st round. Trade next years 1st round pick for this years 2nd and 4th round picks to raiders. Draft nelson agholar and alex carter in 2nd round. And in 3rd round draft ameer abdullah because he's the best fit for the eagles style offense. In 4th round draft steven nelson because we would have another 4th round pick. In 5th round draft derrick lott. In 6th round draft Sean Mannion to be matt ryans back up. And in 7th round whoever is the best player available.

liam oneill


You should not be posting while you are drinking. this post is just garbage




22 Feb 2015 02:40:47
Any peoples out there who have any info on weather or not their team has any interest in DGB in first 45 picks?

Wondering how low he could fall to pats (can't see them consider him till at least late 2nd, due to lack of football iq)

Kinda reminds me of Cordarelle Patterson in that way. Also, what do any of you think of a similar trade for the patriots in rd 1




20 Feb 2015 23:30:15
Bears trade chiefs

Chiefs get #7 pick

Bears get #18 & #49 picks in 2015 and a 2nd round pick in 2016

Chiefs can get a top quality receiver

Bears get extra picks




16 Feb 2015 16:48:29
Eagles resign maclin release Graham and Cary Williams, restructure Trent cole and LeSean McCoy contracts, and in free agency sign Byron Maxwell rahim Moore and josh McCown as a backup qb, use the draft to draft another cornerback to play along Byron Maxwell and need to draft a replacement for Brandon Graham also, maybe even another young wr prospect in case of injury to any current wr, definitely Willing to give foles another Chance, 14-4 in 18 career starts speaks for itself and he'd come at a cheaper price than a lot of other options.


Eagles won't get any better by it




04 Feb 2015 12:22:38
14th, Wheeler, Gibson

Washington gets a LB they need as well as another target

Dolphins move up to take Cooper to replace Wallace

Release Wallace




The dolphins won't release wallace. If they want him gone then they will trade him for some picks.


^No one wants his contract.


Why won't they release him to free up money?


I read some tweet saying that they were considering cuting him




04 Feb 2015 04:04:55
Patriots get: Lavonte David, 2nd/3rdrd pick

Bucs get: jerod mayo


David is so much better than mayo. No way bucs do this.




04 Feb 2015 03:36:56
What moves will the pats make this off season?

I want to resign


Some other good reciver to match with Edelman amindola.

And then go and draft Melvin Gordon, or Abdula
Or sign murry, or Spillar would be a better fit because it would cost as much.

And then some defensive help but I am not sure about who is a defensive free agent and who isn't

And if they can make a trade (I know that trades are uncommon in the nfl but this would make sence) I think they should try to get marshal but without giving up anything good I was thinking our 1st round pick and cash for him and then get a running back in the later rounds because they don't go till later anyways unless they sign spiller.





02 Feb 2015 20:05:55
I think the pats go out a make a surprise off season signing of Cecil shorts, he has a lot of talent and if he is put into a position where he has a good QB in Brady and a winning franchise in New England and out of the garbage dump in Jacksonville I think he will thrive and the pats have a need for revivers so I think this would be a good fit between the two
Let me know what you think and if you agree or disagree.



Who agrees and disagrees with me?





02 Feb 2015 20:01:48
Now that the pats have just won the super bowl I believe they need to re-sign as many of their free agents as possible or at least gaustawski Verine revis McCorty and Atkin, so that is what I want at the least

Then also go out and sign either forcet or murry to fill the RB spot

Then sign Houston to add depth at linebacker

And then go and sign a receiver like Fitzgerald or ceabtry



Who agrees or disagrees with me?



You're terrible at MLB and you're not much better at NFL stuff either.



I bet your a critic towards everyone so I am not going to let it bother me



Pats don't have enough cap space to sign those guys u listed because they really want to resign mccourty and revis 1st. So then they will run out of cap space.




30 Jan 2015 04:47:26
Eagles off-season:

Current salary cap space: around 15 million

Demeco Ryan (3yr 15 million, 5 million signing bonus) saves around 3 million

Trent cole (3 yr 12 million, 4 million signing bonus) saves around 6 million

New salary cap space: around 24 million

Cary Williams (saves 6.5 million)

New salary cap space: 30.5 million

Jeremy maclin 4 years 40 million
Brandon Graham 3 years 15 million

Free agent signings:
Byron Maxwell 4yrs 32 million
Raheem Moore 4 yrs 24 million

1st round pick- cornerback, anyone that shows promise; this will hopefully fix the secondary once paired with Maxwell, boiken, Jenkins and Moore

2nd round pick- pick highest rated linebacker on the board, eagles need another linebacker to pair with Ryan's and Kendricks

3rd, 4th or 5th round- draft Brett hundley out of ucla, he could be the best option as a backup qb to foles at this point.

I hear all this talk about trading thier franchise for mariota, I really don't think they need to do that, in my opinion, they already have a qb that could lead them to a super bowl championship, what they need to do is rebuild the secondary and tweak the linebacking core.

Back when the eagles were in super bowl contention between 2000-2006, it wasn't the qb that made that team it wasn't the rb, it wasn't the offense. It was the entire defense that made them eagles teams into contenders, Brian Dawkins, Jeremiah trotter and a bunch more impact players on defense.

This team sadly won't ever be an elite team if they focus on adding to the offense, they need to start putting some Money into the defense instead of the offense, hopefully it happens because in all honesty the eagles are the only hopeful team in Philly currently, all the other teams are in rebuilding modes


So they would have around 1 million to sign all there draft picks. Good Luck with that


Just thinking Hundley last s that long proves you wrong


Hundley is not going to be a good nfl qb.




20 Jan 2015 06:01:34
My dream Titans offseason

Mariota/Winston 1st round
Todd Gurley 2nd round
Danielle Hunter 3rd round

Pierre-Paul as your elite pass rusher




18 Jan 2015 21:10:14
Some Idea for Jets Offseason:

Free Agency:

Sign CB-Byron Maxwell
Sign CB- Kareem Jackson
Sign G- Mike Lupati
Sign QB- Jake Locker- take over starting job


Round 1 WR- Amari Cooper


Don't think Cooper will be there at 6


Locker is injury prone. Bring in hoyer or trade for foles if its cheap


Yea cooper I think will go to raiders with their 1st.




16 Jan 2015 18:11:35
Jets offseason ideas: If Mariota and Winston are gone by the time the Jets pick at number 6, they should draft the WR Amari Cooper.
In free agency: jets could sign QB Jake locker, new jets OC would work good with him.




12 Jan 2015 22:48:07
Giants cut Beatty Kiwanuka, Schwartz, Jenkins,
trade Cruz to Jets for 2nd rounder

Offense addition
draft Andrew Peat-7th
Cedric Ogbuhei-37th
Arie Kouandjio-40th
Dez Bryant-WR 8yr 120 mil 50mil guaranteed

Defensive addition
Brandon Spikes 4yr 25mil 15mil guaranteed
Suh 4yr 52 mil 35 mil guaranteed
PP and Rolle 4yr 36mil 24th mil guaranteed

13-3 best team in division
not the best pass rush, better than last yr.
great run block suh and Hankins
very good 2ndary and hopefully healthy
better and healthier LB core.

Old Eli healthy jennings
best offensive of line in 2 decade.
help the run and pass
explosive passing offensive.


Cruz is not worth a 2nd round pick
No chance of getting Bryant they will use the franchise tag on him
Suh will get over 100 million and over 50 million guaranteed




09 Jan 2015 05:50:02
New Englsnd Patriots get: Brandon Marshall

Chicago Bears get: 2015 1st rd pick



Add a pats 3rd round pick too.




05 Jan 2015 14:31:01
Steelers Offseason:
Cuts--Mike Adams, Landry Jones, Cam Thomas, Clifton Geathers, BW Webb, and Lance Moore
FA's to let walk:Heyward-Bey, Michael Palmer, Ben Tate, Brad Wing
Restructures: Maurkice Pouncey, Troy Polamalu, Mike Mitchell, and Cortez Allen
Extension for Roethlisberger
FA's worth resigning:Will Allen, Antwon Blake, Terence Garvin, Robert Golden, James Harrison (1 yr), Will Johnson, Brice McCain, Arthur Moats, Matt Spaeth, Ike Taylor (1 yr), Greg Warren, Jason Worilds (4 yr, 26 mil), and Josh Harris
Draft: 1st-Holliman, S, LVille 2nd--Ekpre-Olomu CB, Oregon, 3rd-Lefeld OT, Cincy 4th Justin Hardy, WR, ECU 5th-Jeff Heuerman, TE, OSU 6th--Paul Dawson, OLB, TCU and 7th--Malcolm Brown, RB, Texas



Pouncey will not restructure his deal he is under a rookie contract. he does not make that much


He is not on a rookie contract. He has signed an extension before




27 Dec 2014 16:52:51
Eagles Offseason:

James Casey
Riley Cooper
Cary Williams
Trent Cole

Demeco Ryans (2 yrs, 9 million)

Let Walk As Free Agents:
Bradley Fletcher
Mark Sanchez

Jeremy Maclin (5 yrs, 50 million)
Brandon Graham (4 yrs, 30 million)

Sign As Free Agents:
Byron Maxwell CB (4 yrs, 36 million)
Louis Delmas S (3 yrs, 15 million)
Eddie Royal WR (3yrs, 14 million)

1st- Trae Waynes CB
2nd- Denzel Perryman LB
3rd- Jake Fisher OL

Eagles come into the offseason with 2 priorities-
Resigning J Maclin and rebuilding the secondary.
They do a good job through free agency and the draft.


Eagles can't cut Riley Cooper - owed too much money


Eagles can't cut Cooper, but other than that it's believable.


Eagles don't have that much money to sign all those players


As an eagle fan I will hate this if it happens




24 Dec 2014 18:29:21
Giants Offseason

Mike Harris

Shaq Thompson
Todd Gurley (if available) or TJ Yeldon
Ifo Ekpre-Olomu (falls Bc acl)
Tre Depriest

Jacob Tamme
King Dunlap
Dwight Freeney
Charles Tillmas
Dwight Lowry

RB-Gurley or Yeldon/Jennings



Draft Shaq Thompson with the 9th pick in the draft? Isn't that a reach?




03 Dec 2014 23:37:32
Eagles offseason:

Bradley Fletcher (Free agent)
Cary Williams
Riley Coooper

Restructured deals:
Demeco Ryans - 2 yr.8 mil
Trent Cole - 2 yr. 12 mil

Marcus Gilchrist - 2 yr.9 mil

Round 1 - Jalen Collins
Round 2 - Eric Kendricks
Round 3 - Anthony Harris
Round 4 - Austen Hill
Round 6 - Nick Marshall


Thats a rubbishy draft




03 Dec 2014 12:09:43
Where does Rice end up? Contract will be base salary + performance incentives with a behavioral clause.

What team needs a running back the most?






30 Nov 2014 15:07:46
Eagles receive: RGIII, 2015 5th round pick

Redskins receive: 2015 3rd round pick

Foles is likely done in philly and with the recent success of Mark Sanchez I truly believe that Chip Kelly could turn RGIII back into the RGIII of his rookie year. He would be a good fit. Worth a shot.



Can't see the Redskins giving up on RGIII just yet, one more season at least. The main requirement for QB in the Eagles offense is intelligence so Foles stays! If he doesn't start hell prepare like a starter he's a team player with no ego issues. Ged



Completely agree with Ged. Sanchez is gone; Foles returns as soon as he's ready.




28 Nov 2014 07:05:38
Chicago Bears offseason

Keep Trestman for Atleast oune more year

Draft 3 rounds

Round 1- TRADE

Chicago receives: 2015 1st rd pick

Tennessee receives: Jay cutler, 2015 1st rd pick

1) Landon Collins S Bama
A much needed upgrade at safety to start the reconstruction of this terrible defense

2) Eric Striker OLB Oklahoma
An athletic linebacker who can cover in the pass and rush the passer well. Another piece to add to the defense.

3) Bryce Petty QB Baylor
Might not be left here but I think the Bears go with a QB round three to groom behind one of their free agent pickups.

Offseason trade

Bears receive: Josh McCown

Tampa Receives: 2014 4th rd pick

Let Walk:
Briggs 6.5 mill
Tillman 3.3 mill
Josh Morgan 3 mill
DJ Williams


Free agents:
Tashaun Gipson S 4 year 16 million
KJ Wright OLB 4 year 26 million
Pat Sims DT 2 year 6 million
Rob Housler TE
Buster Skrine CB






KJ wright
Jon Bostic
Eric Striker






27 Nov 2014 17:09:21


Rex Ryan, HC
Marty Mornhinweg, OC
Dennis Thurman, DC
John Idzik, GM


John Harbaugh, HC
Rich Rodriguez, OC
Ben Stoops, DC
Morocco Brown, GM


Chris Johnson, HB
Walter Powell, WR
TJ Barnes, LB
Saalim Hakim, WR
Wesley Johnson, LB
Antwan Barnes, LB
TJ Graham, WR
Trevor Riley, LB


Percy Harvin, WR
Muhammad Wilkerson, DE


David Harris, LB
Damion Harrison, DT
Kenrick Ellis, DT
Leger Douzable, DE
Tanner Purdum, LS
Bilal Powell, HB


CJ Spiller, HB
Michael Crabtree, WR
Mike Iupati, OG
Orlando Franklin, OG
Jason Worlids, OLB
Chris Harris, CB
Antrel Rolle, S


Jets Get - Robert Griffin III
Redskins Get - 2015 3rd Round Pick


Randy Gregory, OLB
Cedric Ogbuehi, OT
Marcus Peters, CB
Kevin Hogan, QB
Tim Scott, S


QB (3): Robert Griffin III, Geno Smith, Kevin Hogan
RB (4): Chris Ivory, CJ Spiller, Bilal Powell, Tommy Bohanon
WR (5): Eric Decker, Percy Harvin, Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Kerely, Shaq Evans
TE (3): Jace Amaro, Jeff Cumberland, Zach Sudfeld
OT (4): D Brickashaw Furgeson, Breno Giacomini, Cedric Ogbuehi, Oday Aboushi
OG (4): Mike Iupati, Orlando Franklin, Dakota Dozier, Brian Winters
C (2): Nick Mangold, Dalton Freeman
DE (4): Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Leger Douzable, IK Enemkpali
DT (3): Damion Harrison, Kenrick Ellis, Kerry Hager
MLB (3): Brandon Spikes, Demario Davis, Nick Bellore
OLB (5): Quinton Couples, Jason Worlids, Randy Gregory Calvin Pace, Jason Babin
CB (6): Chris Harris, Dee Milliner, Marcus Peters, Darrin Walls, Marcus Williams, Dexter McDougle
S (4): Antrel Rolle, Calvin Pryor, Tim Scott, Antonio Allen
K/P/LS (3): Nick Folk, Ryan Quigley, Tanner Purdum


No matter how mant times you post it, the Jets still suck.
Griffin trade is a joke


You think John Harbaugh is going to leave the Ravens for the Jets?!


Chris Ivory before Spiller? I don't see it. I don't think that they can bring in all those free agents. And give up of the RG3 trade.




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