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22 May 2015 18:22:20
Ron Leary for Trumaine McBride

Division trade is rare. But could help onthe teams. Leary will play right tackle for g-men. Beatty out 5 months. McBride will play nickle & dime with so many injuries

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06 May 2015 17:34:45
The Detroit Lions have Signed on of the most talent UN-drafted Free agent the Offense of line is going to be great next year La'el Collins signs with Detroit lions

T Corey Robertson T Collins,
G Tomlinson
G Warford
c Swanson

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Collins signed with the Cowboys.

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04 May 2015 17:44:46
Detroit Lions Draft
1rd #28 G Laken Tomlinson
2nd #54 RB Ameer Abdullah
3rd #80 CB Alex Carter
4rd #113 DT Gabe Wright
5rd #168 FB Michael Burton
6rd #200 CB Quandre Diggs
7rd #240 T Corey Robinson

Who will make the team I'm saying everyone except Burton

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Just to say: if you want to upgrade the running game, you don't get rid of a piece that can help

- TOMLINSON: starting LG
the most likely starting offensive line would be:

- ABDULLAH: majority starting RB
he would split time with bell with bell being more of a power RB

- CARTER: 3rd CB or spot starter S
he could be a starting CB alongside slay or could be moved to S if ihedigbo don't play

- WRIGHT: spot starter DT #2
you don't trade a 3rd rounder for a backup, wright should start with ngata but would compete with walker

- BURTON: starting FB
burton is a good blocker and if you draft a FB, you most likely plan to keep him on the team and also can be a blocker on special teams

- DIGGS: special teams
his talent can give him looks at a few starts at CB but his height could hurt that chance, but would be great on special teams

- ROBINSON: backup OT
I feel robinson could start due to his size but he would compete with lucas and waddle for the LT spot (unless they sign a vet like jake long or sign la'el Collins)

imagine this as a draft:


UD) OT COLLINS (top 15 talent)

then this would be the OL


all under the age of 26 and all 5 can be pro-bowl level players at their position

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I like the Idea of Tomlinson and Collins starting together and I would like to see Tomlinson and Collins and Robinson all starting on the Line

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28 Apr 2015 01:31:53
Bears trade cowboys
Cowboys get forte

Bears get #60 pick and a 4rth round pick 2016

Bears draft
#7 cooper- we
#39 eli herold - olb
#60 Jordan Phillips
#71 tj yeldon- rb
#106 any galik- c
#142 ladarius Gunter - cb
#183 Chris hacket- ss

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If yeldon is there at 60 why would the cowboys pay a lot more money to an older guy for one year when they can get yeldon for 4?

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24 Apr 2015 04:32:30
4 team blockbuster that will have everyone's attention;
Browns trade: #12, paul Kruger
Eagles trade: #20, 2016 3rd round pick sam bradford michael kendricks
Chargers trade: Phillip rivers #17
titans trade: #2 overall pick

Eagles receive: #2 overall pick (select marcus mariota)

Chargers receive: Sam Bradford 2016 3rd round pick paul kruger

browns receive: Phillip rivers michael kendricks

titans receive: #12 #17 #20

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Chargers say Hell NO

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You're on crack bro

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Would never happen but still interesting to consider. I think it works except for the Chargers who would have no interest.

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Only way the Chargers are trading Philip Rivers is if it's for Mariota.

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21 Apr 2015 02:50:18
Eagles Mock

Trade the 20th pick and a 7th round pick to the Patriots for the 32nd pick and the 64th pick

Eagles select Eric Fisher, OG from Oregon with the
32nd pick
- Fisher gives the Eagles a nice replacement for Todd Herremans who can contribute as a starter right away

Eagles trade the 64th pick and a 3rd round pick to the Saints for the 45th pick

Eagles select Nelson Agholor, WR from USC with the 45th pick
- Agholor fills the void at the WR spot and is a solid possession receiver

Eagles select Eric Rowe, CB from Utah with the 52nd pick
- Rowe is a great press corner who has the skills to start opposite of Byron Maxwell

113th pick- Adrian Amos, S from Penn State
145th pick- Chris Conley, WR from Georgia
156th pick- Shaquille Riddick, OLB from West Viriginia
195th pick- Jesse James, TE from Penn State
237th pick- Erick Dargan, S from Oregon

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16 Apr 2015 00:22:18
Redskins trade RG3 pick 5 2015 second round pick two 3rd round picks to the titans for pick 2
Redskins pick Marriota
Titans pick either Beasley, Fowler, Gregory, Ray

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15 Apr 2015 01:15:29
3 team trade
Bears, titans, chargers

Chargers get #2 pick

Bears get rivers

Titans get #7, #17, #83, chargers 3rd round pick next yr and jay cutler

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Terrible trade for the Chargers -- The Chargers will not trade Rivers there 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick for the 2nd pick in the draft --

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11 Apr 2015 13:30:59
Fins Trade

14th pick
31st, 44th

31- Dorsett-WR
44- Agholar-WR
47- Peters-CB

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09 Apr 2015 17:47:26
I think the Lions should draft Eddie Goldman or Todd Gurley with the #23 pick in the 1rd

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I like goldman, but getting gurley at 23 when healthy he could easily be a top 10 pick would be a steal and could be just as good as marshawn lynch. but that knee is a question

id like waynes but that won't happen

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Forget Gurley, I want Melvin Gordon

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02 Apr 2015 16:16:55
Johnny Manziel traded to the Houston Texans for their 4th Round Draft Pick.


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Texans pass --- Manziel playing in Texas would be career suicide to close to his friends that he gets . In trouble with when they hang out together

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31 Mar 2015 21:40:02
Rams trade bears

Bears get #10, #215, and tavon Austin

Rams get #7

Rams draft cooper or white

Bears still can draft danny Shelton and tavon Austin get be a huge upgrade for the bears special teams as a returner and descent wr

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#10-danny Shelton-dt washinton
#39-carl davis-de, DT iowa
#73-mitch morse-lt missouri
#106-derron smith-fs fresno
#142-jeff hueurman- te Ohio st.
#182-tony Washington-olb washinton
#215-levi norwood-wr baylor

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Too much to give up to move 3 spots when Cooper(or White) may/probably be available at 10

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31 Mar 2015 08:22:49
2 former 2013 top 10 picks are available in trades:

jets. cb. dee milliner
rams.wr. tavon Austin

Austin has been a disappointment so far and milliner has a decent rookie year but wasn't good last year which resulted in the jets to get revis back

so I feel 1 team can try to get both guys to cure 2 needs that they are rumored to be needing: LIONS

the lions need a slot receiver and a good returner and that's where Austin comes in and thriving with Stafford would help him since he didn't have just 1 qb throw to him since he came to the nfl and he would instantly improve 2 needs the lions need (3rd WR and KR)

the lions also need another CB and milliner fits that spot as the lions could use the 1st round pick for a DT



2015 3RD ROUND (88)
2016 5TH ROUND

jets get another pick to help while giving up their 4th CB on the depth chart and the lions get a starter for a 3rd round pick


2015 3RD ROUND (72)

2015 2ND ROUND (54)
2016 4TH ROUND

lions get a returner and a good slot receiver who would thrive being the 3rd WR while Johnson and tate get double teamed majority of the time and get a draft pick

rams get a higher draft pick while gaining a pick next year which the lions could afford to lose since they should be getting at least 2 comp picks with one being at least a 3rd round pick


(1) (23)
(3) (72)
(6) (200)
(7) (231)
(7) (240)

sign chris Johnson and jake long for a cheap contract with a chance at more with incentives

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31 Mar 2015 03:26:25
Eagles draft
Eagles 1st- landon collins
Eagles trade for the 21st pick and give up next years 1st and next years 4th rounder, and this years 5th and 7th round picks. And eagles draft either Jalen Strong or Breshaud Perriman.
Eagles 2nd- Alex Carter
Eagles 3rd- Ali Marpet
Eagles 4th- Steven Nelson

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27 Mar 2015 03:28:41

2015 1ST ROUND PICK (2)
2015 5TH ROUND PICK (138)
2016 6TH ROUND (*)

2015 2ND ROUND PICK (52)
2015 6TH ROUND PICK (195)

(*) =
can be a 5th rounder if Bradford stays off the IR or plays 12+ games or makes pro bowl

can be a 7th rounder if Bradford ends the season on IR or plays in less then 12 games

well this can help them by getting Bradford who still can be a leader if he stays healthy, a 2nd rounder and a 6th rounder to help them

they would then be the team to draft mariota to play for his former coach (chip Kelly) and start a relationship in the NFL like it was in college by being one of the best offenses in college and then with their other 1st rounder draft something to help the line or at RB

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You're over rating Bradford. The trade would be more like this:

Eagles get the second overall pick

Titans get the 20th overall pick and Sam Bradford

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Titans get screwed

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Titans pass because they know bradford won't resign.

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24 Mar 2015 14:01:17
Chargers get the second overall pick (Marcus Mariota) and the Titan's second round pick (33rd overall)

Titans get Phillip Rivers and the Chargers first round pick (17th overall)

The Chargers move a dissatisfied Rivers for a younger, more athletic QB with upside. The Titans bring Rivers back to his home state Tennessee and re-unite him with his former offensive coordinator Ken Wisenhunt. Rivers becomes a free agent next offseason, but the Titans can use their franchise tag on him.

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Why would the Chargers do this

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No why would titans do this. Phillip rivers is getting older and older and titans suck so what's the point of titans trading for rivers. If titans do this trade then they r idiots

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22 Mar 2015 16:26:38
The Chargers get the second overall pick (Marcus Mariota) and the Titans second round pick (33rd overall)

The Titans get the Texans and Chargers first round picks (16 and 17th overall), the Texans second round pick (51st overall) and a conditional second or third round 2016 pick from the Texans (if the Texans make the playoffs it's a second rounder if not its a third)

The Texans get Phillip Rivers

The Chargers have shown interest in Marcus Mariota; mostly because Rivers is scheduled to be a free agent next offseason and has refused to sign an extension. The Chargers get a younger QB with more potential all while only moving their first round pick down 16 spots.

The Titans move down in the first and second rounds but acquire an additional first rounder this year and a second or third rounder next year. They have a lot of holes in their roster so it makes sense for them to stock up on draft picks and build around Mettenberger.

The Texans finally bring in a legit franchise QB and give themselves a serious chance at making a run in the playoffs. The price is steep, but considering what the Bengals got for Carson Palmer a few years ago it seems fair. Their is concern here with Rivers being a free agent next offseason, but the Texans can use their franchise tag to keep him in Houston beyond the 2015-2016 season.

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Texans don't have the money to get Rivers -- this trade will never happen

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20 Mar 2015 17:20:26
I heard that this actually might be going down

Saints get the second overall pick (use on Marcus Mariota)

Titans get the 13th overall pick, 31st overall pick, and the Saints 2016 first rounder

Then after the draft the Saints trade Brees to the Bills for their 2016 first rounder.

This is crazy, but the Saints have already done some crazy stuff this offseason so I wouldn't put it past them. They get much younger at QB through this deal and have their guy to build around for the future. The Titans stock up on draft picks so they can address other needs and the Bills suddenly become a Super Bowl contender. Any thoughts?

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19 Mar 2015 06:22:27
Eagles Trade Sam Bradford to the Browns for pick 19 (reported that they offered that to St. Louis)

Eagles then use pick 19, 20, next years first, and maybe like a 5th to move to pick 2 and take Mariota.

Chip gets his guy, and with those 3 RB and that QB and a revamped Defense. that's a dangerous team.

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Chip refused that trade though. Bradford will be the Eagles QB in the season opener (assuming he makes it out of the preseason) and then when he gets hurt Sanchez will start. I smell a dissapointing season in Philly.

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As if the 3 1st round picks aren't good enough. Anyway it doesn't look like chip will do it.

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14 Mar 2015 19:43:44
Vikings moves

Sign Richardson
Sign Chirs Carter's son

Trade Peterson to Cowboys for 2015 & 2016 2nd rounders

1st - Best lineman on board
2nd - Ifo Alomu
2nd - Arik Armstead
3rd - Tyler Lockett
4th - Cody Prewitt


Believable1 Unbelievable8

Cris carters son had already been signed by the colts

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14 Mar 2015 15:02:22
Wallace.M, 7th Rd
5th Rd
Vikings get a deep threat and a WR they coveted and the Fins get back a depth pick

Richardson.T 2yr - $4 mil

Still young enough with an upside to prove he can play. Platoon with Miller.L


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14 Mar 2015 12:11:53
My pats have about 19 million in cap space
Some possible moves
Trade pick 32 and 2 3rd round picks for Larry Fitzgerald
Javier Arenas 2/4M 3M guarantee
Vince Wilfork 1/5
Michael Johnson 2/12 8M guarantee
Greg hardy 1/12 plus 18M team option
Justin Blalock 2/5

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Vince Wilfork signs with The Texans for 2 years

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13 Mar 2015 15:25:57
Browns trade bears

Browns get #7 pick and bears 6th round pick
Browns draft cooper

Bears get # 12  picks

Bears draft
#12 danny Shelton dt
#19 Alvin Dupree de
#39 Brett hudley qb
#71 Chris hackett ss then move vereen to cb
#103 Andy galik c
#134 justin hardy wr

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Bears get 12 and 19 picks from browns

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Also in free agency still I think bears should still sign mason at line backer and Dwayne bowe to be #2 wide out and maybe a guard also then I think the bears will be better

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12 Mar 2015 21:13:16
with the eagles signing demarco murray (thanks cowgirls LOL!) eagles plans for the rest of the off-season:

still have around 16 million in cap space:

restructure Sam Bradford's contract to 5 yr 45 million dollars with 20 million guaranteed

now have 20 million in cap space:

Sign DaShon goldston (just released from bucs) to a 3 yr, 16 million dollars, with 7.5 million guaranteed

trade guard evan mathis, a 2015 6th round pick, #20, a 2016 3rd round pick, and a 2017 3rd round pick to the chicago bears for the #7 pick

draft amari cooper @ #7

on offense:
Sam Bradford, demarco murray, amari cooper, jordan matthews, ryan mathews (if he signs), zach ertz, darren sproles

on defense:
byron maxwell, dashon goldston, malcom jenkins, michael kendricks, fletcher cox, vinny curry kiko alonso

very solid team with the potential to contend for a ring

Believable1 Unbelievable6

Most of this would be great (I'm not sold on Goldson). But why would Bradford do that restructure? He can get his $13M and then negotiate next year. Doubt it happens, but again, it would be great if it did.

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If they move up to 7, Mariota might be there, and if he is, he's an eagle

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I agree with everything except mathis trade. I would trade him to either Minnesota or new Orleans for cordarrelle patterson or preferably kenny stills who are being shopoes

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The Bradford trade was just terrible. Worsened your draft position for an expensive, injury-prone downgrade at Quarterback. Enjoy Mark Sanchez as your starter by late October.

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If eagles never got bradford then most likely they wouldn't have signed murray.

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10 Mar 2015 19:45:50
Saints are willing to trade jimmy graham so
Browns trade #19 and 2 second round picks

{ed018-note- he's been traded to the Seahawks, although being from Cleveland I would've loved to seen Graham a Brown}

Believable0 Unbelievable3

I know I posted this like 2 minutes before they announced it. It would have been a perfect fit. But what a deal for Seattle

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10 Mar 2015 00:03:41
New England patriots off-season
Release browner
Reggie Wayne
Justin Blalock OR James carpenter
Kevin Williams
Darelle revis
Maybe Greg hardy
Second round trade up for Ifo ekpre-olomu
Henry Anderson

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07 Mar 2015 04:55:24
Broncos offseason

Resign D.Thomas

Eddie Goldman

Sign decent DT and WR


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06 Mar 2015 20:29:27
Bears trade redskins

Skins get cutler and bears 2nd round pick

Bears get rg3

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06 Mar 2015 04:25:53
Bears trade niners

Bears get Stevie Johnson and Chris Borland

Niners get marshall

Believable4 Unbelievable5

Bears want draft picks for Marshall not more veterans.

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06 Mar 2015 00:24:39
Saints offseason

Alvin Dupree
Ifo Olomu
Bryce Petty

Resign Ingram

Sign Lance Briggs and lineman


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